a bit about me:

Our Greatness is not revealed through the successes we enjoy, it is revealed through the journey we undertake.

I am Gerald Chiatoh Etangayong and here is my story.

I was born in Cameroon, grew up in Cameroon, travelled to the UK to further my education and develop my business skills. In so doing, I had several failings and challenges which eventually caused me a Director disqualification. Despite the negative press about this, I am here, fallen but not forgotten, broken but not destroyed, like a phoenix I am rising from the ashes, to prove to myself that what I was born to do I will do beaten or broken.

I have come a long way since setting up my first venture in 2013, and today I am proud to say I am the founder of Apollo Markets, a company pioneering technology across Africa, I am also the founder of LCRS Ltd, Etangayong Consulting and Chiatoh Etangayong Holdings Ltd. Companies which are now managed by someone else.

Of all I have done, I am profoundly proud of my work with PosecAfrica where we help our brothers and sisters across Africa, on how to organise their resources and deliver value to their communities, raise capital for their ventures, develop their business skills, be smart in investing and choosing investments wisely.

We work with refugees to empower them to become creative, we work with graduates to show them how to set up sustainable ventures, we work with entrepreneurs to show them how to increase productivity, lower costs, and increase value. We work with governments to show them how to raise capital, invest capital, create ventures that create economic impact. Above all we focus on mindset transformation, the root of all that is good is a great mind.